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18 July 2009 @ 06:10 pm

This is the LiveJournal extension community of the Japanese Club at Okeechobee High School (FL). Here you will find an overview of the club, club goals, and policies; explanations of decisions made in writing the lessons; frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers; discussions brought up in club that are furthered online, or things that are relevant to our curriculum that we would like to share; and written versions of the lessons taught in the club, as well as photos of our activities, and recipes and guide for the food Matty makes we make! And maybe even more!

The Okeechobee High School Japanese Club (Okeechobee Koukou Nihon bunka bu) meets in Mister Matchett's room (602) on the second floor of Building 6 every Monday from 14.05 (2.05PM, directly after school lets out) to shortly after 15.00 (3PM); we have an hour, every week, more or less. Please join us!

We're really excited to be starting club with a fresh schoolyear and a blank slate! Please watch and participate in this community and / or our Facebook page for a better, more harmonised and organised, club together! We look forward to this adobenchaa~